Discussing the Benefits of Using Niche Job Sites Over Nationally Branded General Job Sites



With the current economic crisis, more than ever before, recruitment professionals should be looking to secure high quality employees using solutions and resources that provide greater value for money.

The large general national job sites have proven they are described well by the old adage “jack of all trades, master of none.” Recruiters and HR professionals that use them often complain about the number of unqualified people that apply for posted positions. What can you really expect when one site will accept job postings for an event planner, a financial planner, an urban planner and a construction planner? Simply enter “planner” into the keyword search of your favorite national job site and you are bound to come up with those four job titles and at least a dozen other completely distinct job vacancies. Not only are the general national sites convoluted, they’re expensive. You’ve got to pay for all of their overhead and the advertising they’ve done.

Firms of all sizes should identify the niche job sites that overlap their core business requirements and manage accounts with those 메이저 토토사이트  rather than trying to advertise all their vacancies through a single general resource. If your firm hires a lot of engineers or lawyers or sales professionals for example, do a little research to find the niche sites that address your areas of need.

There are three major benefits to using niche sites that focus on a particular kind of profession:

1. Job focus and simplicity. The audience of job seekers is not forced to wade through job ads that are completely unrelated to their expertise and job interest. When you post to a niche site that focuses on, for example, engineering, you know that engineers and professionals in that sphere of work are going to make up the major majority of their job seeker audience. Thus, you’ll get more qualified applicants looking at your ad and applying for your vacancy. Not only that, but you’ll reduce the number of unsuitable applicants in your inbox simply because your ad is now in front of a more targeted audience rather than in front of the unqualified masses. In other words, niche sites deliver quality over unqualified quantity. Better to get 20 solid applicants out of 100 than 20 solid applicants out of 2000. Do you really want to wade through dozens of completely irrelevant applications?

2. Heightened customer service. Since niche sites tend to be run as smaller businesses themselves, you should enjoy a higher level of customer service. Let’s think about this for a second. If you need help from the large national job board with hundreds of it’s own employees, how important is your call for help? What stake does that customer service representative have in making you happy? More often than not, they just want to do the bare minimum to satisfy you and to keep their own job. When you use niche sites, as smaller businesses, each employee you deal with will have a greater stake in ensuring not only that you are satisfied, but that you become a loyal customer that refers their site and service to your colleagues. As a niche site, they must rely on a smaller pool of business and thus providing excellent service is a key component of what they must offer to their customers.

3. Better price, better value. Without all of the overhead costs of the national catchall job sites, niche sites can provide their services at a lower cost. Some people will argue that lowest cost does not necessarily mean best value. Usually these are people that are trying to justify why their prices are so high. If you can get your job vacancies filled by quality candidates at a lower price, that’s better value. Niche sites can range from 30% to 80% less than national job sites depending on the kinds of packages on offer.

So what’s the catch you ask? There’s no real catch. There’s a requirement. To gain the above benefits of niche sites, those that post ads on job sites, usually human resource professionals must work closely with their organization’s hiring managers to truly understand their core business needs to shape their talent acquisition marketing campaigns accordingly. It may take a little more organization on the part of HR to maintain accounts with several niche sites that cover all core business needs, but in the end, firms that make this effort will be better served and receive better value for their investment.


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